SNACKS — A Weight Loss Song Parody

When trying to lose weight, it is often hard to figure out what kind of snacks are the best ones to choose. This humorous song parody video gives many suggestions on what might be the best options for you. So join Geoff & Michael as they sing a silly song about snack choices. And if you have suggestions about healthy or low-point snacks you like to eat, feel free to add the in the comments section.

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Geoff and Michael joined Weight Watchers in May 2018. They were inspired to join after coming back from a European trip and looking at all the videos and pictures of their expanded waist lines.Throughout their weight loss journey, they have discovered many great food items to turn to whenever they get a craving for a snack. This video humorously illustrates some of those options.

GEOFF & MICHAEL GO is a video channel dedicated to highlighting the various trips, events or adventures the two travel lovers go on. Michael is also the creator of the ScoobyHubby channel, that features the long-running video series, CAT CLIPS.

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